ILC Dover Announces European Launch of Sentinel Clear XE™ PAPR

Sentinel Clear XE™ Hood and XE Blower deliver highest possible protection and performance for pharmaceutical and life sciences workers NEWARK, Del. [July 21, 2022] — ILC Dover Inc., specializing in innovative single-use solutions for global biotherapeutics and pharmaceutical processing as well as personal protective equipment (PPE), announced the European launch of the Sentinel Clear XE™ […]

ILC Dover Welcomes New President to Head Division for PPE, Safety, Packaging, & Engineered Solutions

Frederica, Delaware, November 2, 2020 – ILC Dover, a world leader in the design and production of single-use flexible solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced that Joel Williams has joined the Company as President for a newly-created business unit responsible for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety, Packaging, and Engineered Solutions business units. Joel, […]

The Right Transfer Solutions for Media and Buffer Powders

The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries are facing new challenges with powder handling on a scale that has never seen before. In recent years, production facilities across the globe have been required to handle an ever-increasing amount of powder, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the entire product pipeline. ILC Dover is a worldwide leader in developing effective solutions […]

ILC Dover Reacts to Rising Demand for PPE During the COVID-19 Crisis, Rapidly Launches a New Healthcare Respirator Innovation

4/29/20, Frederica, DE—At the start of 2020 ILC Dover was well positioned for continued growth – delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, personal care, chemical, aerospace and government agencies. A month into the new decade, it was clear to company leadership that they would have […]

ILC Dover Responds to PPE Shortage for Healthcare Workers, Expedites Manufacturing of New PAPR Hood

Frederica, Delaware, April, 30, 2020 – ILC Dover, a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials, announced today that it expedited the regulatory approval and manufacturing processes of a new Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) hood designed for healthcare workers attending to patients with COVID-19. Effective today, the new infectious […]

ILC Dover Plays Vital Role in Protecting Healthcare Workers During Global Pandemic

Inspired and focused, ILC Dover employees work tirelessly to bring essential equipment to healthcare providers across the nation 4/22/20,  Frederica, DE—Every day, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, ILC Dover employees manage rigid workplace safety restrictions and work long hours to deliver critical products that protect healthcare providers from infectious disease, enable pharmaceutical customers to deliver […]

The Importance of Portable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is like the air bag in your vehicle– you might not always think about it, but after your life is saved, you’re glad you had one that worked. Gas leaks and chemical spills are only some of the dangers those working in industrial, factory or warehouse settings potentially face every day. […]


The rare Ebola virus has set out on another deadly rampage. This latest outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst in the country’s history—more than 400 people have died from the epidemic since August. Obviously tragic for its victims, the virus threatens the healthcare providers who care for these victims as well. That’s […]

Protecting the Protectors

Protecting the Protectors: Protective Clothing and Equipment for Workers in Hazardous Conditions You see them in the news on a regular basis: Workers using protective clothing and equipment to keep themselves safe in hazardous conditions as they work to protect others. And seemingly, we have an ever-increasing need for this protective gear as we encounter […]