Protecting the Protectors

Protecting the Protectors: Protective Clothing and Equipment for Workers in Hazardous Conditions

You see them in the news on a regular basis: Workers using protective clothing and equipment to keep themselves safe in hazardous conditions as they work to protect others. And seemingly, we have an ever-increasing need for this protective gear as we encounter viral epidemics, chemical releases and terrorism.

Emergencies can require workers to protect themselves against hazardous fumes. Pharmaceutical researchers who handle chemicals need high tech hoods that shield them from deadly toxins. Hospital staff must prevent contact with infectious viruses. And that’s just the start of a long list of employees who need protective gear.

The engineers and designers at ILC Dover had these workers in mind when they created the safety clothing and equipment that protects these people from contaminants while providing optimal visibility, comfortable fit and a steady clean, filtered air supply.

Here’s how ILC Dover specifically meets these workers’ needs:

Protective Gear for Emergency Response Teams

First receivers require respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials. They need a system specifically designed to provide clean air, even when the surrounding air is contaminated. With approval from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the ILC Dover Sentinel XL® CBRN system can withstand multiple hazards, including military warfare agents, biologic threats, industrial chemicals and nuclear particles.

Protective Gear for Workers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical R&D and production teams need protection against hazardous particles, high-potency ingredients (HPIs), aerosols, and organic vapors. For many pharmaceutical applications an advanced Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is used to provide operator respiratory protection. Biosafety Level-4 environments in particular require the highest level of precautions to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed laboratory. An effective suit must be produced with a rugged material like Chlorpel™, which is the material used in the ILC Dover Chemturion BioHazard Suit, to deliver effective head to toe protection.

Protective Gear for Those Who Work in Environments Under Threat

Some organizations are targets for threats, aggression or even terrorist attacks. In these environments, employees must quickly escape in the event of a chemical release or other emergency. ILC Dover engineers must also consider other safety functions like visibility and respiratory threats – incorporating a panoramic view, 30 minutes of breathable filtered air and protection from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear particulates. Mobility is also key, so users can easily perform critical tasks, such as helping co-workers or using a cell phone or mobile radio.

Protective Gear for Hospital Staff

Caregivers in hospitals and medical clinics need protection against infectious diseases. High-performance PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) systems (like ILC Dover’s Sentinel XL® HP) are designed to give healthcare professionals advanced protection against a range of infectious disease – everything from tuberculosis to the Ebola virus. The system consists of fully hooded head covers and HEPA filters that can be configured for healthcare workers’ specific protective needs.

Courageous people who work hard each day to protect others deserve the most advanced protection. As our world continues to change, the world’s innovators are working hard to develop increasingly creative and sophisticated technologies for critical situations. ILC Dover engineers are committed to developing solutions to protect our protectors.

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