Bulk Packaging Solutions

Bulk Packaging Solutions for OTC & Pharma Applications

ILC Dover is a leader in providing single-use powder containment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


ILC Dover also offers bulk packaging solutions for non-potent pharmaceutical and OTC applications such as nutraceuticals, supplements, powders, creams, gels, and CBD oils.


Explore our bulk packaging solutions for dry and liquid products to learn how we increase efficiency, safety, and productivity.

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Pharmaceutical Solutions We Provide


We offer form-fit liners and drum liners for dry applications such as nutraceuticals and other non-potent powders used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our form-fit liners for dry bulk materials in FIBCs and IBCs are custom designed to fit the dimensions of the container providing maximum filling and dispensing efficiency.



For liquid applications, we offer pillow liners, form-fit liners, and liquid pillow drum liners. Our form-fit liners minimize waste and product residual, which is critical when processing liquid applications like OTC creams or gels. Our pillow liners are an economical solution and protect products like saline from containment and leakage.



The award-winning Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system provides more efficient dispensing of viscous liquids such as lotions, creams, and gels from Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and enhanced profit from the recovery of valuable residual product trapped in liners.

About Our Solutions for OTC & Pharmaceuticals

We work with you to identify the best intermediate bulk processing solutions for your pharmaceutical OTC applications. Intermediate bulk packaging solutions play an important role ensuring that fine powders and liquids are transported and processed without contamination. Bulk liners can provide barriers to moisture, oxygen, and UV that can degrade the performance of chemicals and other active ingredients. We offer a portfolio of bulk liners for fine powders and liquids used in OTC applications.

About ILC Dover

Innovators at our core, we develop engineered solutions for our customers’ complex problems. Recognized globally for our flexible containment solutions, ILC Dover serves customers in a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, aerospace, healthcare, and government agencies. At ILC Dover, quality is a culture, not a measurement. Our customers will tell you that we cater to their every need and that we’re highly innovative, responsive, dedicated and competitive. We have been innovating since 1947. ILC Dover’s visionary solutions improve efficiency, safeguard workers and product and prevent disasters—proof that we are on the front line of business excellence.