Inflatable Decelerators (IAD’S)

  • ILC is the leader in advanced flexible materials, manufacturing technologies, and embedded electronic technologies for Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators
  • ILC Dover’s IRVE-2 design is the first Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator to successfully reenter earth’s atmosphere
  • Our unique design allows large payloads to enter Mars’ atmosphere as well as reduce launch costs for cargo returning to Earth


    • Allows very large aeroshells to be packaged into a small volume for launch
    • Light weight and compact system
    • Low cost solution to returning cargo to earth
    • Allows vehicles to be reusable
    • Protects astronauts and payloads

    • Delivering space payload to Mars, Earth, or other planets
    • Safely return rocket engines back to earth for reuse

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