Lighter Than Air


As ISR systems are becoming increasingly vital to national security, ILC Dover has developed aerostats for various ISR applications. ILC Dover has manufactured helium-filled aerostats to carry surveillance radars up to 15,000 feet altitude while tethered to the ground by a single tether. ILC aerostats have helium volumes from 56,000 to 595,000 cubic feet and… View Article
Flown in many countries, ILC’s airships provide  a high-profile advertising platform used successfully by The Lightship Group, Van Wagner Outdoor Advertising and by Zeppelin, which has a new partnership with Goodyear.  ILC has produced more than 50 airships structures since 1995 to support the advertising and tourism industries. The  LZN07 220-foot-long airship envelope fabricated for Zeppelin is… View Article
ILC Dover has been involved in the design and development of high-altitude airships since the early 1980s supporting development programs for the Navy, NASA, DoD primes and commercial customers.  The subsequent growth of the cellular phone market and more recently, wide band internet demand,  has  generated renewed interest in the use of high-altitude airships as… View Article
For more than 30 years, ILC Dover has applied its Lighter-Than-Air technology to the development and fabrication of heavy lift vehicles.  We have developed durable envelope structure laminates capable of providing very high tear strength while keeping structural mass to a minimum.  By utilizing the lift generated by a helium-filled LTA vehicle in tandem with… View Article