EZ PowderZip


EZ PowderZip, ILC Dover’s industry-leading, single-use powder handling bags, now with zip-lock compatibility.

The EZ PowderZip is the latest evolution in the tried-and-true EZ BioPac® line. Combining upper and lower integrated assemblies that zip together to form a solid barrier, ILC Dover’s EZ PowderZip is the ultimate solution for transferring dry powders for media and buffer preparation during drug development and manufacturing. Its fully closed-loop design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and operator exposure while facilitating meticulous weight adjustments to meet precise target weights in a contained and controlled format.


  • Dry Powder
  • Media
  • Buffer Salts
  • Excipients
  • Filter Aids
  • High-Value Chemical Substance

Biomanufacturing professional wearing a mask, hair net, and gloves pours powder into the EZ BioPac® from ILC Dover

Discover the Benefits

With its innovative zipper design, this streamlined solution simplifies powder transfers for media and buffer preparation. See it in action and explore available configurations.

How Does It Work?

  1. Fill the upper integrated assembly with the powder of choice in a fume hood or biosafety cabinet.
  2. Zip-tie the bag from the top to close it and attach the assembly to the lift.
  3. Attach the lower integrated assembly to the vessel.
  4. Bring both assemblies together and zip the upper and lower zippers with the provided slider to lock them in.
  5. The upper and lower outlets for powder transfer can now be opened. Remove the Weloc or V-fold ties to open the channel between the upper and lower assemblies.
  6. Once the transfer is complete, the flaps can be closed, and the assemblies can be unzipped.
  7. The upper assembly can be discarded, and the lower assembly is ready for another transfer.

Why EZ PowderZip™ from ILC Dover?

Fully Closed-Loop

Eliminates cross-contamination and operator exposure risks.

Anti-Static & Anti-Dissipative

Prevents powder retention to improve productivity.

Eliminates Shedding Issues & Seal Holds

Improved ease of use as compared to valves.

Reusable Lower Assembly

Use the lower assembly up to twenty times without performance loss.

Available Configurations


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