Single-Use Fluid
Transfer Assemblies

A roll of fluid transfer assemblies from ILC Dover

Customizable solutions for transfer of sterile fluids throughout your bioprocess

Your process is unique. Your product is valuable. At ILC Dover, our purpose is to support your process at every step of the way. Our ILC Dover’s fluid transfer assemblies provide you with customizable, sterile fluid transfer solutions for your biopharma process with rapid turnaround times. Each fluid transfer assembly is specifically designed and carefully tailored to meet your process’ unique needs. Our 8-week standard turnaround times, strategic sourcing including in-house component manufacturing capabilities and decades of experience in process containment means we can keep your project and production timelines on track and protect your invaluable products while providing industry-leading quality and service.


  • Buffer Preparation
  • Media Preparation
  • Fluid Transfer and
  • Bulk Filling
    Transportation and
  • Chromatography
    Buffers and
  • Filtration
  • Fill and Finish

Close-up of a unique configuration of single-use fluid transfer assemblies

Why Fluid Transfer Assemblies from ILC Dover?

Rapid Turn-Around Times

Drawings based on our standard component library are typically available for approval in less than 48 hours. Assemblies made using our standard library are typically shipped in less than eight weeks.

Highly Customizable Assemblies

Our standard component library includes parts for most essential processes. When desired, we are able to procure and assemble parts outside of our library.

We Know The Industry

Our technical sales experts have decades of experience in biotherapeutic manufacturing and will work with you to find the best solutions for your process.


Single-Use Fluid Transfer Assemblies

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