soloFLEX Benchtop Isolator


The universal processing isolator designed for any laboratory setting.

The soloFLEX benchtop isolator is our classic flexible film isolator that completely eliminates the need for cleaning and validation between campaigns—simply collapse and start fresh each time.

By introducing single-use technology to your lab operations, you save time, money, and hassle. Plus, with the airlock and continuous liner features, soloFLEX™ ensures containment during pharmaceutical production so you can create your product safely within Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.


  • Weighing & Dispensing
  • Sampling of API Material
  • Containing Powders, Aerosols, or Harmful Agents


soloFLEX™ Benchtop Containment Isolator

Why soloFLEX™ from ILC Dover?

Easy & Fast Assembly

Collapsible isolator and modular stainless-steel frame for easy assembly.


Economical solution, with fast delivery straight to your lab.

Superior Containment

High containment performance with
contamination-free disposal.


Anti-static frosted film gloves designed
for ease of use
Available in two, three, or four glove
Utility sleeves for gas liners, data cables,
or power
Fully welded gas and airtight zips with
easy-to-use pulls
H14 HEPA filters with upgrade
Excellent ergonomics
Airlock and bag-out port

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