soloADC™ Disposable Containment System


Developing ADCs? soloADC is the containment isolator unit for you.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are vital in the fight against cancer. But their high potency means you need manufacturing flexibility and agility without compromising safety. soloADC is the highest-performing containment isolator unit with proven containment results, designed solely for ADC manufacturing and toxic linker compounding.

With no cleaning validation needed, the potential cost and time savings are huge. soloADC raises the standard of flexible film containment to combine total safety of your products and people with the benefits of a single-use system isolator.


  • Weighing & Dispensing
  • ADC Containment & Transfer
  • Toxin Linker Compounding

Close-up of tubing and assemblies on the soloADC™ disposable containment system


[Brochure] soloADC™ Disposable Containment System


[Whitepaper] The Future of ADC Manufacturing


soloADC™ Full Lifecycle Safety Isolator

Why soloADC™ from ILC Dover?

No Cleaning, More Batches

Fast setup times and quick contamination-free disposal of filters.


Significantly lower capital cost than hard-shell isolators, with lifetime costs offset by reduction in cleaning and validation.

Flexible Design

Adjustable height for improved ergonomics, with flexibility to handle various products and respond to changing customer demands.

Safety Features

Negative pressure and heat-sealed continuous liner for waste removal.

High Performance

Automatic pressure decay testing, EPDM solvent resistant base tray, and secure hose line connection out of the enclosure.


Containment performance sub 10ng/M3*
Solvent resistant glove sleeves and base
Automatic enclosure leak test system
Tool free enclosure removal as complete assembly
No API contamination of stainless-steel parts
Heavy Duty 500micron anti-static PVC film construction
Gas tight access zip door
H14 air inlet and air transfer filters
2 x stage H14 exhaust filters in disposable housing
Gas tight ball valves with automated control from fan
Adjustable height peristaltic pump shelf
Disposable tube line connection ports
Various size options
Typical weight 150Kg depending on final specification

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