soloLAB™ Pop-Up Benchtop Isolator


Pop-up bubble isolator designed for speed and flexibility.

The soloLAB pop-up benchtop isolator makes product containment and processing of small-scale lab operations fast, easy, and economical. Unlike costly large-scale containment units, soloLAB is a pop-up, benchtop isolation unit that is quick to assemble and offers containment for many applications.

SoloLAB is fully welded from a tough and clear 500-micron flexible film, offering high optical clarity and maximum durability. Utility sleeves allow for gas lines to be added securely to control the environment within. SoloLAB is a cost-effective way for labs to contain a variety of processes or substances.


  • Portable Containment
  • Sample Preservation


soloLAB Pop-up Benchtop Isolator

Why soloLAB™ from ILC Dover?

Easy & Fast Assembly

Portable pop-up structure with quick setup time.

Functional & Durable

Clear and durable flexible containment with ergonomic design.

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Economical with convenient features large gas-tight access zipper and optional floor mats.


500micron flexible film
Two glove sleeves with interchangeable gloves
Large gas-tight zip access
Sealable utility sleeve
H14 HEPA filter
Optional floor mat prevents damage from equipment

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