Plug-and-Play Isolators


The all-rounder, star of the show plug-and play isolator.

The soloVERSO isolator meets the needs of various applications in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Upgrade your existing plant to handle higher potency compounds and adapt to the changing marketplace with soloVERSO.

Make your manufacturing facility agile to customer demands as cleaning and validation are removed with this single-use, disposable solution. Increase your forecast of product runs by removing this stage of the turnaround process. Stay on track and remove the risk of undertaking costly and lengthy validations. soloVERSO can be supplied to a standardized design or customized to suit a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Weighing & Dispensing
  • Powder Transfer
  • Compounding
  • Vessel Charging

Why soloVERSO™ from ILC Dover?

Rapid Setup & Disposal

Fast setup times and quick contamination-free disposal of filters.

Superior Safety

Economical solution, with fast delivery straight to your lab.

Convenient Design

Continuous liner port for quick and easy exit of materials.


Stainless-steel modular frame
Flexible film enclosure
Glove sleeves and utility sleeves
Bag out port with crimp sealed
continuous liner
HEPA filtration at multiple points
OEB 4 with upgrade options to OEB 5

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