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When ILC Dover initiated our R&D on the first spacesuit concepts in the 1950s, we already had considerable experience working with advanced flexible materials and joining techniques to create high altitude pressure suits. Unlike these suits, our objective for the first true spacesuit went well beyond survival protection. We wanted to create a product that that protected astronauts while they walked — and worked — on the moon. Our solution, the A7-L pressure suit, not only provided a life-sustaining environment for astronauts — it permitted maximum mobility and could be worn with relative comfort for up to 115 hours. Today, the spacesuit has become synonymous with personal protection — and symbolic of a passion that ILC Dover has pursued for decades. This legacy is fully represented in our family of personal protection products: powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs), escape respirators and full-body suits for BSL-4 environments. All of these solutions incorporate leading-edge flexible materials and advanced film technologies, and they embody the core principles that made the original spacesuits so successful — namely, they offer mission-critical protection while providing the highest levels of comfort and mobility to keep workers productive. All of our respirators are NIOSH-approved and are used by leading companies all over the world. Click below to explore our family of personal protection products.


Since 1947, ILC Dover has built a reputation designing and delivering high-performing softgood solutions for perilous environments. From outer space to the sterile clean rooms of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we continue to blaze trails with a broad portfolio of differentiated products. This is especially true when it comes to respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and life… View Article
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The Sentinel XL™ CBRN system is specifically designed for the emergency preparedness decon team wearers. As a NIOSH approved loose fitting CBRN PAPR it’s specifically been tested to withstand the harshest threats.
The Sentinel XL® HP is a high performance PAPR system (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases. Head covers deliver 2.5x protection available with an N-95 Full hood delivers 100x protection available with an N-95 Available with multiple head cover/full hood options to support… View Article
Protection without boundaries Delivers 30 minutes of protection against a broad range of threats including carbon monoxide Integral blower automatically actuates to provide clean filtered air and deliver increased protection No nosecup or mouthbit increases comfort and ability to see the wearer’s face Panoramic field of view improves safety
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Protection without boundaries Proven performance in BSL-4 environments for over 30 years One-piece construction from head to toe increases safety and security Constructed with rugged 20 mil Chlorpel™ material for added durability 300o visor delivers superior visibility