Drum Transfer System


Advanced solution for handling drums in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Drum Transfer System is a simple and convenient solution for handling drums containing pharmaceutical ingredients, allowing operators to achieve tasks as a subdivision of the product or feeding pharmaceutical equipment such as mills, reactors, vessels, and mixers. This technology can achieve OEB5 containment levels with nanogram-level results. It’s based on proven applications and follows the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering’s (ISPE) Standardised Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentration (SMEPAC) guideline for its particulate containment performance.

The drum can be loaded on our drum tipper from the floor. One adjustable stainless-steel belt secures the drum on the cradle, and a pneumatic drive safely moves, lifts, and swings the drum in a horizontal position to connect to the next step of the process. This will allow a safe drum lifting and will place the drum in an optimized position to connect it with the drum transfer system.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe Handling of Heavy Drums
  • Available in Mobile of Fixed Design
  • Powered with Air Pressure
  • Available in ATEX Execution

Why the Drum Transfer System from ILC Dover?

Capital Expenditures

Reduce powder and product waste.

Quick Implementation

From design to installation.

Flexible System

Improve operator ergonomics.

High Clarity Film

Provide operators with a better vantage point.

Consistency & Cleanliness

Avoid contamination by removing the drum’s lid after docking the connecting liner and eliminating rigid hardware.

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