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ILC Dover Has Acquired UK-Based Company Solo Containment
ILC Dover Response To Covid-19 | March 30, 2020

Custom Designed Isolators


ILC Dover fabricates flexible enclosures for almost any pharmaceutical powder process equipment that requires high level containment. We leverage the same reliable fabrication techniques and proven containment design features found on our DoverPac® family of products. These enclosures save time and money by allowing tailored containment of your existing processing equipment while achieving nanogram containment… View Article
ILC Dover has been a pioneer in developing flexible isolators, (aka glove bags), for the pharmaceutical industry.  After 20 years of designing and building custom isolators for powder containment, our engineers have compiled and standardized isolator specifications, dimensions, configurations, and components that meet the vast majority of our customers’ needs.  All materials meet FDA standards and the design accommodates cGMP as… View Article
ILC Dover’s Drum Sampling Enclosure system, a proven containment system, supports accessing drummed materials – with the drum fully contained.  Some processes advocate the safety of removing the drum lid before placing the drum inside the containment device.  Experience proves the risk exists, even with a dual inner liner, that cross contamination and operator exposure… View Article