Container Units

Various powder-handling solutions in a fully integrated laboratory setting

Powder-handling solutions for complete and efficient discharging.

The DOSICON discharge station was developed for the dust-free discharge of Intermediate Bulk Containers. The complete system has features for dosing container discharge, weighing the discharged quantity by loss or gain in weight, cleaning the inside of the container with a CIP system, and more.

The container filling or transfer system connects the container to a vessel at scale and enables the dust-free transfer of powder or granulates by gravitation. The closing cone valve enters and vibrates in the heart of the product thus allowing controlled discharge of the most difficult type of powders. The unloading station is equipped with a discharge cone so-called active, coming to connect to the closing cone of the container.


  • Large & Small Powder Applications
  • Media & Buffer Preparation
  • Powder Dispensing

ArmorFlex® Films are used with Flexible Enclosures, Flexible Isolators, DoverPac®, DoverPac® SF, EZ BioPac®, Continuous Liners, & Drum Liners

Row of container units outside preparing for shipment

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films includes ArmorFlex® 110 and ArmorFlex® 114, which deliver permanent static dissipative properties and meet FDA and EU regulations for food contact and EP test conditions. ArmorFlex® 113 offers superior visual clarity, making this the clear film of choice for flexible enclosures and flexible isolators.

Why Container Units from ILC Dover?

Innovative Design

Mobile, flexible, and rapid storage device for any powder or granulates.

Discharge Station

Dosing and weighing of the discharge of the container.

Easy Extraction

Extract stored powder even when compacted or not flowing.

Total Proof Closing

Guarantee of a proof closing of the container cone valve via inflatable gasket.

CIP System

Enables comprehensive cleaning of the container and the discharge station.

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