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Paper IBC


The Paper IBC container is a dependable, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to drums, bottle-in-cage and other “heavy footprint” types of intermediate bulk containers.


    Dependable: The heart of the Paper IBC system is the Guardian form fit liner. Guardian liners are manufactured in an ultra clean environment and are constructed of FDA approved materials in our IMS certified manufacturing facility.

    The Paper IBC container has passed the stringent ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) vibration and shock tests and has met the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) requirements for intermediate bulk containers for liquids. The heavy duty nine ply Paper IBC container is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 lbs of compression force.

    Economical: Unlike 55 gallon drums and other IBCs, there are no cleaning expenses or return freight costs associated with the Paper IBC and there is significantly less storage space required to inventory the containers and less freight expense to initially receive the containers.

    • 80% less storage space is required for unassembled Paper IBCs
    • No cleaning or disposal costs and no return freight expense is incurred using Paper IBCs.

    Environmentally Responsible: The Paper IBC is constructed of a renewable resource and is completely recyclable. The container is a “one-way” package, so there are no fossil fuels consumed to return the package after dispense and there is no landfill space consumed either as the container is:

    • Biodegradable
    • Recyclable and
    • Waste-to-energy efficient

    Food: Oils, syrups, sauces

    Beverage: Concentrates

    Dairy: fluid products

    Personal Care: gels, liquids

    Chemical: Liquid colorants & additives

    Industrial: Parts, Intermediate Product Storage

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