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Bulk Packaging

Bulk Packaging Solutions for Liquid and Dry Products

Maximize operating efficiencies and cost savings and reduce residual waste when you leverage advanced intermediate bulk container systems by ILC Dover for bulk liquid and dry packaging. From bulk liquid liners and bulk dry liners to paper and rigid IBCs, our solutions make the jobs of processors in markets ranging from food & beverage, personal care, chemical, and industrial, easier, and more effective.

Our flexible bulk packaging solutions combat storage, handling, and cleaning challenges’ processors face with typical bulk liquid liners, through modern technology designed to extract more material and profit.

Why ILC Dover for Bulk Packaging?

What do you need from your bulk packaging solutions? Your response could be improving efficiencies, increasing profits, or reducing labor costs. It might also be enhancing workplace safety, ensuring product protection, or leveraging industry-leading innovations. With bulk packaging solutions for liquid and dry products by ILC Dover, you do not have to choose or compromise. Get everything you need right here.


Ensure the most efficient filling, transfer, and dispensing of liquid and dry products with our IBC systems, including our Xtrakt® System, bulk liquid and bulk dry liners, and paper and rigid IBCs.


Deploy the Xtrakt® System to more efficiently dispense viscous liquids from intermediate bulk containers, and boost profit from the residual reduction of valuable product trapped in liners.


Solve your individual challenges with ILC Dover. Whether you require unusually shaped containers, special valves or attachments, unique film structures, or other special needs, we are here for you.


Partner with a leading provider of intermediate bulk packaging solutions. Since the purchase of Grayling Industries in 2013, ILC Dover has developed solutions to ensure the most efficient filling, transfer, and dispensing of liquid and dry products.

Industries like personal care, industrial, food, and chemical are always changing, and bulk packaging solutions need to keep up. Discover how we meet your industry’s liquid and dry bulk packaging needs.

Our bulk liquid liners and Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system for lotions, creams, and gels, help cosmetic ingredient producers, contract packagers, and personal care manufacturers significantly reduce waste, drive efficiency, and boost profits.
For work-in-process solutions or bulk shipping for crucial components, we understand the challenges industrial manufacturers face, and help optimize processing and increase profitability.
Food ingredient producers, processors, and contract packagers trust us to deliver food products safely with solutions from liquid liners for sauces and syrups to bulk solutions for dry ingredients.
From our IMS-dairy certified production facility, we provide dairy producers with the most efficient and effective bulk packaging solutions, including bulk liquid liners and bulk dry liners.
From foil liners for resins, bulk liquid liners for adhesives and chemicals, and intermediate bulk containers, we meet the precise demands of specialty chemical manufacturers.
Keep your products protected and your profit flowing with bulk liquid liners and bulk storage solutions. For beverage processors, we are a trusted resource for bulk packaging solutions.

Discover our bulk packaging solutions for liquid and dry products, including our award-winning Xtrakt® System for liquid bulk dispensing, and find relief from typical storage, handling, and cleaning challenges.

Discover our custom-made liquid bulk dispensing and packaging solutions, designed to ensure complete fill and discharge and increase your process efficiency. Our liquid packaging solutions include Xtrakt® LV, Xtrakt®, liquid pillow liners, liquid form fit liners, paper IBCs, and rigid IBCs.
Find out how our liners and bulk storage solutions for dry products match the size and specifications of your equipment, reduce handling, and increase fill and discharge speed. Our dry packaging solutions include drum liners, lay flat drum liners, baffle liners, foil liners, dry form fit liners, paper IBCs, and rigid IBCs.
Browse our bulk storage products that work in conjunction with our liquid bulk packaging and bulk dry liners and packaging solutions. We offer bulk storage accessories, including fill bridges, valves, connectors and adapters, and paper IBC covers, as well as paper IBCs and rigid IBCs.
Revolutionize the dispensing of liquids in your facility with our award-winning Xtrakt® System for liquid bulk dispensing. Xtrakt® and Xtrakt® LV are designed for more efficient dispensing of bulk liquids with less product residual. Xtract® is perfect for gels and creams, syrups and oils, and coatings and adhesives, while Xtrakt® LV works with soaps and shampoos, sauces and flavors, and inks and additives.