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Liquid Bulk Packaging & Liquid Bulk Dispensing

We understand the unique challenges manufacturers face when working with intermediate bulk liquids in their production facilities. Our custom-made form-fit liquid liners ensure complete fill and discharge, increasing your process efficiency. We offer a variety of fitments to guarantee our bulk liquid liners perfectly match your equipment, reducing handling, and increasing fill and discharge speed. At ILC Dover, we are revolutionizing liquid bulk dispensing with our patent pending Xtrakt® System for more efficient dispensing of bulk liquids from totes and IBCs. The Xtrakt® System significantly increases operational efficiency and profitability for anyone conveying viscous liquids.


Learn how our bulk liquid dispensing system is designed for more efficient dispensing of low viscosity liquids from intermediate bulk containers.
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Find out how our groundbreaking, high viscosity liquid transfer system mitigates product loss while reducing processing time, environmental impact, and worker safety risks.
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Learn how our pillow-style intermediate bulk container liners protect liquid products from contamination and leakage during processing, storage, and transportation.
Discover how our liquid form fit liners reduce labor while minimizing waste and product residual during filling and dispensing bulk liquids.
Learn about how Buckhorn™ reusable intermediate bulk containers work in conjunction with our liquid form fit liners to provide efficiency in filling and liquid bulk dispensing.
Learn about our paper intermediate bulk containers, which are a dependable, economical, and environmentally responsible alternative to drums, bottle-in-cage, and other IBCs.