In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation is used to create bonds between particles as part of the oral solid dosage manufacturing process. ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Granulator operation. 

  • Features and Benefits

    • Retrofit to existing equipment design 
    • Validated containment technology 
    • Clear film 
    • Active or passive system 
    • Flexible material 
    • Single-use components 
    • Provides the lowest overall cost of process ownership through low capital and operating cost including reduced cleaning and cleaning validation 
    • Fastest turnaround of processing suite for subsequent manufacturing campaigns 
    • Process is contained without contamination of motor, drive shaft, and controls with flange mount design 
    • Nanogram containment levels achieved 
    • Supports visibility for maintenance  
    • Does not affect ATEX and Ex ratings 
    • Ergonomics maximized 
    • Speed of implementation 
  • Applications

    • FluidAir PharmX Model PX-1 
    • Glatt GPGC2 Fluid Bed Granulator 
    • Collette High Sheer Granulator – 10L and 20L 
    • ProCepT Mi Pro 1900 
    • RapidMix 100 Granulator 
  • Accessories

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