Chemical Synthesis


Discover our containment solutions for chemical synthesis processes.

Learn how we keep operators safe and productive during HPAPI chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes with containment solutions for HPAPI powder transfer, milling and blending, weigh and dispense, and hot melt extrusion.

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Sentinel Clear PAPR System

The Sentinel Clear PAPR offers state-of-the art respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and other life science professionals.

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Jet Breaker™ & JetMixer™ System

Learn how the JetMixerTM System from ILC Dover provides fast powder mixing and complete protection of powder properties.

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Single-Use Liquid Bags

Learn about single-use containers for fluid storage and transfer in biopharmaceutical cGMP manufacturing

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Atmospheric Control Module

ILC Dover’s Atmospheric Control Module (ACM) provides risk mitigation and automatic processing control for HPAPIs.

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ArmorFlex® Films

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films is the premier film solution for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical powder handling. Learn more and contact us today.

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DoverPac® Containment Systems are the global premier products for disposable process and powder containment systems.

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DoverPac® SF

DoverPac® SF is a global premier product for disposable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes.

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Continuous Liners

ILC Dover’s continuous Liner is an effective and easy-to-use system for containing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other hazardous compounds.

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The CrimpLoc™ System is designed for use with DoverPac®, Continuous Liners, and our Bag In/Bag out System to provide secure closure for ArmorFlex® packages.

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Bag In/Bag Out System

ILC Dover’s Bag In/Bag Out system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes that can be applied to any rigid or flexible isolator.

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Connection Hardware

Learn about ILC Dover’s patented use of Multiple O-ring Canisters to enable high containment connections for API powder handling systems.

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ILC Dover’s JetBreaker™ is a semi-automated system for breaking up powder clumps and lumps to ensure superior mixing.

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JetMixer™ System

Learn how the JetMixer™ System from ILC Dover provides fast powder mixing and complete protection of powder properties.

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Drum Liners & Stability Bags

Safely transfer and store a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other powders with single-use drum liners and stability bags.

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